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Alice is ditching class when she falls down a rabbit hole, waking up in a strange new world. There she meets Cheshire, a person (cat/boy thing?) who leads her to Peter. She is made aware of Neverland's imminent destruction, torn between wanting to go home and save this new world. 

Gameplay: No more than an hour (depending on speed)
Endings: One good and one bad
Features: Partial voice acting, colorful backgrounds, timely CGs, fantasy background music and compelling characters

Please feel free to leave a comment or question! 

[[Click the Chibi Alice button AFTER playing through the game!!]]


Who is your favorite character? Did you enjoy the game? What are your thoughts on the partial voice acting? Anything you'd change? 

This game was made fairly quickly so there's bound to be some mistakes/lacking in areas but I am really proud of this for being my first visual novel~


-Peter voiced by waltermack
-Alice voiced by Peyton Cole
-Hatter and Cheshire voiced by bradsmithVR
-Red Pirate Queen voiced by Victoria Wong

CGs by shortycake ; Kellen; Niwa
GUI by ThayBrownie 
Sprite Artwork by Mikomi
BGs by Puppetbomb 
Chibi Alice by Akareed
Logo by Reikun

-Akashi Records
-Filu and Dina
(All from Jamendo)

newagesoup (fairy chime)


Published Sep 17, 2017
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract and play! 


visual_novel_download (2).zip 270 MB
32 bit Ver. 2 265 MB


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aw.... unfortunately, I can't open it in Windows 32bit :')

I will try uploading the 32bit as well! Thanks for your message!

(1 edit)

Thank you for the update ^^

Edit : it still has some bugs.. I even can't click the Play button without it keeps disappearing :'(

(1 edit)

Sorry to hear that! I will see if anything can be done or try re-uploading the zip file. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

Edit: Uploaded second version!

is there any way that this will become playable on mac

Currently I only have the windows version. I will message the engine creator about a Mac version. Thanks for your interest!