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this is literally one of the only story games where I've actually wanted to replay it so many times 

Aw, thank you so much! 


Reggie marry me rn.




We can relate bestie




oh man... this game really surprised me! (in a good way!)  It was sooo good! I really loved it! I had like no expectations going in and thought it would some short little thing to kill some time but it turned out to be a real gem! Amazing! So fun to play!


See, I knew I'd like this game just because of the Halloween theme. What I didn't expect was the emotional attachment I'd have towards the characters and story overall. I ended up playing this live on stream, so I had to restrain myself a bit with my first reactions, but I just know I would've needed to take breaks in between due to MC's story if I played it on my own time first.

Speaking of the MC, I loved how she had a story that was revealed throughout the game. Overall? 10/10, would let this story make me cry again <3


Thank you for playing! Yes, there are difficult themes/topics expressed in the game--I hope they weren't too taxing for you during stream. 

Thank you for your appreciation of the MC's story, it is very dear to me. 

I am glad to hear the game moved you so much! 


good game very delicious 10/10 


Loved this game sm!! Was rlly fun to play :D


This game has made me so so so happy these past few months. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement. There are so many good things about this game that has made me fall so so in love with all of this! All of the work that went into this lovely game made it such a lovely experience to play! (Spoilers ahead)

The music was made wonderfully and has not failed to make me smile every second of it.  It helped so greatly of the music to fit the mood of the scene. The sound effects are gorgeous!! Ear candy! (there has to be a better term)  And the effects made the game even more engrossed and really helped me immerse myself in the game.  

The backgrounds were beautiful and fit the overall vibe of the game and the sprites are just WONDERFUL. I fell in love with the art and designs of them all!  Gorgeous characters really!  Especially the punch CG

The writing is incredible and didn't fail to make me laugh or scream the entire way through! The way Sabrina's anxiety was depicted stuck with me and reeled me in. The banter between Sabrina and Reggie was so sweet and adorable. The conversations with Jim sold me to them I'm so in love. Renne's compliments and her comfort were done really well! Jack's overall personality and his past being revealed was so cute and fun to learn about!  The voice acting was phenomenal! I loved the fully voiced scene! the talent that went into that entire sequence was fantastic!! I enjoyed the extra-voiced endings but the fight scene stood out to me especially!

Overall this game has connected me to a lovely community and it has taught me a lot! I'm so happy I played this! AMazing amazing game that is amazing!

Thank you so much for your wonderful in-depth comment! 

The team is thrilled you not only enjoyed but also connected  to the game and cast. 

We're so glad to hear how happy the game has made you and has connected you to the community as well!

Thank you for playing (and enjoying) our game; comments like these are really special to the team. 


This was a really great game. The story was fun and the characters were very well developed. Reggie's relationship with the main character was very sweet. You can see how much they connect with each other.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We're especially glad you enjoyed Reggie's friendship/relationship with the MC.

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Just played it right before my sem starts. It was enjoyable :> haven't got all the endings yet lmao, do you guys have walkthrough?

That was a great game,i loved the "tug",my favorite so far,thanks for the game.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and enjoyment of the game! 


IN LOVE, its so perfectly well done that itll make you genuinely smile. Stan Punk in the Tub


Thank you so much! 


WE STAN PUNK IN TUB. He is the Punk in the Tub of our Hearts. <3


Is there any walkthrough of the game?

Because i'm having a hard time to get the endings.

But I really love the game, the voice acting is really good and I really like all the characters  (even Nico even if he is a trashcan), and the main character is very likeable as well :)


Hello! Thank you so much for playing (and enjoying!) our game! 

We are currently working on a walkthrough for all of the available routes with their endings and will post them when completed. :) 


the way i smiled with every interaction i had with reggie... i need to touch grass. Not that i want to tho.


We're glad to hear that you enjoyed his interactions!


May god make you happy like you made me after playing this game i was feeling really down this weekend words cant describe how much you made me smile thank u so much


Thank you for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed playing the game! 

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Very nice! Found it at the exact time for a Halloween party xD


Thank you!


I really enjoyed playing this game! Loved all the characters (Reggie has my heart though) and thought the concept was unique and well-executed. 


Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a nice comment! We're glad to hear you enjoyed playing the game and liked the concept. 


A fun and sweet little VN, and perfect for the season!  I originally wanted to play this because of Blooming Panic, a personal favorite of mine. When I saw all the voice actors from Bloomic were here, I had to check it out!

Of course the MC is painfully relatable; any time a character exhibits signs of an anxiety attack I'm always like Yikes this is Too Real ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I appreciate it all the same.

Funny side note, I changed MC's name to my own, which I don't normally do but decided on a whim to do it this time name is Renee. Imagine my surprise to meet another character with the same name! Our interactions certainly weren't confusing at all ๐Ÿ˜…

While I enjoyed reading about everyone's individual issues and watching them try to work through them, my favorite has to be Reggie - punk boys are my ultimate weakness ๐Ÿ˜ซ 


Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a lovely comment! 

We're glad the MC is relatable and that you had a funny interaction with our dear resident fairy. 

The team is grateful that you enjoyed the game and our determined characters!


This game was so warm and sweet, a perfect Halloween treat!

The opening sequence hooked me, partly because I related to it pretty hard and partly because MC was just so lovable. Sensory overload and anxiety suck and I was rooting for her from the jump as she tried her best to press on and enjoy herself.

The love interests also stole my heart- if I had to pick a favorite I'd choose Reggie, but every LI had their own unique charm! I could see myself crushing on any of them in real life, or even just hanging out (group tabletop games featuring Jack's drinks sounds like a dream.) Props to the writing team, art team and voice actors; your magic and efforts added up to great characters I'd be more than happy to party all night with (and maybe talk to again someday?)

Props to the whole dev team, for that matter- all your work made Hearts and Hexes an experience I really enjoyed(!!!). I'll definitely be replaying the game in the coming weeks as I remember how much I miss pre-Covid Halloween parties. Thank you so much for making the game and letting us have a little Halloween fun at home! โค

PS- Bonus shoutout to Kija for the great soundtrack! I've actually been jamming to HallowB33t while writing this, and I'm still floored that you pulled together so many different ending themes in the span of the jam. Shine on you absolute mad lad.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 

We're glad you found the MC relatable and worth cheering for, as well as appreciating the uniqueness of each LI. 

Thank you again for you kind words; we are all truly thankful you enjoyed the game and were able to have some Halloween fun. 

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I've seen this game discussed in a few circles I'm in recently and finally sat down to give it a spin for myself today. The game... is very evidently in alpha: grammatical errors, wordy and unclear descriptions, sections of text that seemed like they were supposed to be removed but were forgotten about and an overbearing amount of poorly-applied metaphors.

 It's hard to tell if the script was proofread before being released to a general audience, although understandably this was probably put together within a short period of time for the Jam. These issues do render the first chunk of this game into a un-immersive slogfest that nearly made me quit. 

I stubbornly pushed through because I wanted to see if I couldn't find something to endear me to the game like my acquaintances seemed to be. After finishing a playthrough of the game (Mage ending) I can confidently say that there are some genuinely endearing lines and moments in this game. The characters working together to tackle their issues are probably the strongest moments in the game.

There is an endearing story at the core of Hearts & Hexes that suffers from clumsy execution.

I look forward to giving it another spin when it is out of alpha.


Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! 

As you mentioned, the game is very much in alpha. It was made during a game jam that happened to be many of the team member's first ever visual novel. Despite this and some setbacks, we are proud we were able to submit the project to the jam during the submission period.

Many of the things you mentioned we agree with and have already started brainstorming how to correct. 

At this time, we are enjoying the simple pleasure of accomplishment before diving back into work.

We're glad you played and look forward to releasing the next update.


I am so pleased that I've found this game.  I'm going to say the main thing that made me press play was seeing the voice actors that were selected.  The game was cute and enjoyable, and I like how much care was taken with sensitive subjects. 

 One thing I noticed during the credits, that the voice actor for Jack (curiousinstigator) is credited as Jim, which was a tiny bit confusing.

We're so thrilled to hear you enjoyed playing and appreciated the voice actors! 

We have noticed that mistake as well and will fix it in the upcoming update. 

Thanks so much for your kind words and for playing!

Very cool game! The love interests were all very sweet. Reggie was definitely my favorite but I also have a soft spot for Jim and his ramblings ๐Ÿ˜Š

I especially liked how the story portrayed anxiety as well as how terrifying and damaging toxic relationships  can be. They can be even scarier than your traditional horror story with ghosts, blood, and the like. 

Glad that the MC got her happy ending in the end <3

The art was really nice as well and I freaking loved the GUI, so adorable! 


Thank you so much for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed the game!

We 100% agree that they can definitely be scarier.

DAX, our resident GUI artist, will be pleased to hear you loved their work! 

Thanks for taking the time to play as well as leave a comment, we all greatly appreciate it. 

Really liking the game. But how do I get on Reggie's route? 


Thanks so much! We're currently in the process of writing walk-throughs for available characters

Nice. Looking forward to it!

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how do i get  nico route? or is he not an option


There is no Nico route.


What a wonderful story!  It was such a fun and immersive journey. As someone who still remembers the awkwardness of college parties, I loved seeing the MC come out of her shell and take a huge step in overcoming her internal struggles. My favorite character was undoubtedly Reggie. I mean, his accent alone, would have gotten me! But he was so adorably sweet and funny, I couldn't help loving him more.  It's going to be hard not choosing him, but I really do want to see the other endings! All in all, this is an amazing game and you guys did an awesome job! 

Thank you so much for your kind words; we're extremely glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Thanks for telling us who your favorite character is as well, and I hope you enjoy the other character routes too! 

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Hopping on now~ 

I love how throughout the night the mc goes through self-discovery and learns to fight their 'past/demons'. Loving the interactions between characters. Very interesting personalities, glimpses into their past, all fighting/working on their own battles and challenges. The music is top tier~ Loving the dedication put into this project. 

I happened to laugh out loud on multiple occasions haha. A lovely game! (Verryyy charming characters)


Amazing work everyone!!~

Thank you so much for your kind words! The team is beyond thrilled that you enjoyed the game as well as the original music! 

We are glad to hear about the characters  and that you found them charming! <3 

Curious, who's your favorite character so far? ;) 

Spoilers: (names)
At first, I was quite fond of Jack due to his warm and considerate welcome/personality. I also loved Reggie's nickname for the mc and their interactions/pushing each other to grow. However, even though Jim's interest in DnD piqued my interest, his route was enthralling. Their wordplay, convos and challenges made me love the experience even more.