A 10-15 minute long visual novel that is part of a bigger story.

Created in 2 weeks for PIGSquad Cliffhanger Summer Slow Jam August 2021.

Theme: "This isn't even my final form"

The current build is an alpha for the purposes of submitting to the jam. We are planning future updates with more progression, story branches, art, sound, and more!


Mai is searching for answers. During her quest of revenge, she and her group come across a village plagued by monsters, similar to the ones that devastated her entire clan. Will she help these poor souls? Or will she turn a blind eye to their suffering?


Mouse or space for text.

Mouse to select options.


Background assets from:

  • Original assets: final showdown, massacred clan and thumbnail by kromakyle
  • Premade assets: other backgrounds from JoakimOloffson


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Great game polish

"Neeka please edit this" XD I laughed so hard